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the friend i can talk to and laugh and cry with about anything. you and the rock, you are two of the precious few others who look like me in college and law school. you are me. through you, so many of us see ourselves, thank you for allowing me and the world to see all of this. i thank you for the beautiful black face of black america you have presented to the world for all the history you and barack have and will continue to make. one of the simplest and most treasured is your show the world the face of black america, the beautiful tasteful accomplished, nurturing, caring, loving, smart, strong, and moral face of black america. what a wonderful picture you have drawn for the world. what a wonderful story you are telling and what a beautiful portrait of real love you have shown the world. thank you for showing the world how love between a black man and woman can and should look. through you, blackmun had the opportunity to see the way a rock expresses his love for you
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come in the way he shows his respect for you. the way he communicates with you. the way he allows you to be, to shine. through you, black women see the way you do all the same things for your husband. through you, we see how the two of you depend on and lean on each other. thank you. you and barack with so much history and the burden of so many carried on your backs have to admit pride and hope to so many. thank you for that. because you have given so much to so many, i hope and pray that you feel and are able to receive the encouragement and support of all the people you inspire you as you and barack carry the burdens that have been placed upon you, please know you are not alone. you and your beautiful family are thought of and prayed for daily by the millions you inspire, though your journey may not be easy in the coming days, weeks, months or years, think of us to ease your burden and paying. think of those who you inspire. think of those who you have given hope to.
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think of those whom you have filled with pride. think of your sister. think of your sister friend. think of your favorite cousin. think of your mother. think of me. we are the same. sincerely yours in christ, lori jones. [applause] >> i want to add, i just want to add one more thing in honor of our latino sisters. and it's a poem called rainbow house that i don't want to read all of this, but the first couple stanzas are very interesting. dear michelle, never want to visit the white house until now. now that your family, you and your family live there by proclamation of rainbow boat and universal prayer. i feel welcome now that i know little girls with a double dutch braids and missing teeth grow, play and dream there. your home feels warm now that i know of that eighth grade student jaclyn mendoza will fly on nightingale lanes out of a forest of wooden desk on the city of angels to watch you and your man walk into your new
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house. [applause] >> tranninety is the cofounder of the uncrowned queens institute for research and education for women in corporate. at the university of buffalo in new york. to find out more, visit their website. >> richard wolffe covered the obama campaign in 2008 that he has a book out called renegade. do you want to tell us about your following of the present during the 2008 campaign? >> well, i was one of the very few who was there from the beginning to the very end. the book came about at the candidates suggestion. he found a great idea for me to write about. i told him it was a stupid idea. until i figured out that it was something about his story that was worth telling. and away, something obscured and may be hidden and reserved about him.
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and that's how i approach the book. another story of the campaign, but the story of him as a played out to the campaign. >> had you read his book prior? >> yeah, i read both of them. by the lake on his first book is a little bit of the second book. "dreams from my father" is an extort a piece of literature. and in a way a standard to look up to when you're looking at his story, but you can't let a politician write their own story. and that's how i approach this one. it was one view of someone who moved onto a bigger stage and there were many other aspects of him that were not featured in his book at all. >> talk about early reservation abydos book, what were your conceptions of the candidates differs by the time we talk about the book, by the time he suggested it, i have been coming in for your. so i moved from preconception to real conception. and they do think

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